There are a few techniques that can really make a difference to the effectiveness of your video sales letters. These elements should be included in every video sales presentation you create.


First of all, you should be sure your video has a headline. This should be in the video itself, in the script, and possibly on the web page itself beside or above the video.

As with regular sales letters, the headline is perhaps the most important element of all, so be sure it’s a good one.

Solving the Problem

In the last section, we touched on the importance of presenting how your product solves a particular problem (or problems.) It’s a good idea to focus on one main problem, but you could present a few other smaller problems, too.

Be sure you really stick that problem in front of the viewer’s nose in a way they can’t escape from. You can do this by mentioning the problem repeatedly in different ways, and even presenting various scenarios that might happen if they don’t solve the problem.  Make sure your product is presented as the solution to that problem.

Use Scarcity

Love it or hate it, scarcity works. Be sure to let people know they won’t be able to get your offer for long. Either the product will be taken off the market, or the price will go up, but let them know that they must act right away.

Don’t Forget a Call-to-Action

Tell the viewer what you want them to do. Don’t expect them to read your mind! Do you want them to buy? Then tell them to hit the BUY NOW button. Do you want them to opt-in to your newsletter? Then tell them to enter their name and email address and hit SUBMIT. Whatever you want them to do, TELL THEM!

Include Social Proof

Social proof is a major key to getting sales on any kind of sales letter. This could be your credentials in your market or your testimonials. (Video testimonials included in the video could work well!)

Don’t Forget a Guarantee

As with any type of sales letter, a solid guarantee can help close the sale.  Let people know that if they aren’t happy with their purchase, they can get their money back with no hassle.

Use Graphics Wisely

Graphics can be an important element on a traditional text sales letter, but they can be extremely distracting on a video sales page. Generally speaking, graphics should be used very sparingly on video sales pages.