Recently I helped move a client from SquareSpace to WordPress, the reason for this was simple. She’d struggled with SquareSpace having decent customer support. I understand that SS is considered simple for it’s drag and drop abilities, but I would argue that you aren’t building your site with long term vision when using a service such as this.

Originally I wanted to change a client from SquareSpace to WordPress, SquareSpace made every step a nightmare. Support was slow to non-existent, live chat is intermittent because it disappears when they queue it up.

I was so frustrated I even engaged their support via Twitter, that didn’t help:


Of course, even when I finally did get support they were unable to assist me and after 15 minutes a supervisor finally helped. Avoid all this and heed by guides below for hosting and transferring away from SquareSpace as fast as possible.

Setting Up Your Hosting Account (ASO):

Go here to get your account setup.

[svpGlobalVideo v=2]

Pointing At Your Hosting From SquareSpace:

[svpGlobalVideo v=3]

Planning to move to WordPress?

If you are then we can help, we do a flat rate $200 moving fee from Weebly, SquareSpace, etc to WordPress proper. Just send an e-mail to and we will call you to discuss the details.