Quite often a question arises, how do we best manage an animation project. It’s a good question, the animation process is comprised of a lot of moving parts and miss steps could cost you weeks or even months of delay. Not good when the average client wants the finished video 2-weeks before they requested it!

Before I continue, I should mention that this is the process we use here at A Single Click along with some general tips and best practices at the end. We certainly don’t speak for any one else.

One Step At a Time

It seems simple, almost comedic, that we should start by advising you to go through the animation process one step at a time. Yet the most common reason that we need to backtrack in the process is because a decision or idea was rushed through.

When making a video, the assumption is that this is something that will be used to highlight your product / service for the next couple of years (at a minimum).

Yet it’s easy to fall prey to skipping key parts of the process, here are a few of the examples we’ve had in 2018:

• Client point-of-contact not communicating a decision with their team, leading to disapproval later on.

• Attempting to create a video that can be used for everything and turns out to be good for nothing. – Adding more length to a video and extra target markets makes for a scattershot approach that fails more often than it succeeds.

• Over-reviewing everything in an effort to accommodate all ideas and view-points. Ultimately the person who we want to watch the video the most will be your client.