You’ve surely noticed by now that video sales letters are all the rage. It’s no wonder that these sales letters are so popular, because they can convert many, many times better than traditional sales letters.

And there’s a lot of reasons for that:

  • They are more interesting, thus holding attention longer than text.
  • They are easier to trust, because you can hear and possibly see the product creator.
  • Those who watch an entire video presentation are much more likely to spend money than those who can’t or won’t.

There are a couple of minor drawbacks to consider:

  • Some people prefer to “skim” a sales letter and don’t have the patience to sit through a video.
  • Some people on slow internet connections won’t be able to view the video even if they want to.
  • Video uses more bandwidth, so you need to make sure your server can handle the load if you get a lot of traffic.

Video truly converts, and if you’re not using video sales letters, you are missing out on potential sales. You can always have an alternate sales letter for people who leave your page without watching the video. Just set it up to open if they click the back button or close the window.

Video can also work well on squeeze pages, so if you have been having trouble getting people to opt in to your email list, you might try a short video on your squeeze page.